Testimonial Case Studies


You’re unsure if you’ll see the results you want and fast.

You hope you’ll see some changes in your fitness for the investment involved.

You’re worried you’ll stand out like a sore thumb and not ‘get it’ fast enough.

You hope you’ll like the other members and get on well with the trainers.

Sound familiar? 

This is why I wanted to share with you today Erin’s Tone Athletica journey so far. Because she started out asking herself all of these questions.

You see Erin, like many women struggling with post-baby weight, was tired of her fitness goals not being reached.

Let’s see now how she did and how you can too.


It’s always a little bit scary trying a new way of training and going to a new gym, especially if there are weights involved. You don’t know if the environment is going to be friendly or if it will be too macho. Is the gym going to provide you with value for money and are you going to get the results you want?


Pre pregnancy Erin loved to train, it gave her peace of mind and was a chance for her to push herself and learn what she was capable of,

But after having Lewis she was facing the new challenge of time,

“Prior to Tone I was training with a friend but it was inconsistent and I was lacking motivation and direction.

My son was also becoming more active and I found getting a full hour session in almost impossible without having to attend to him.” 

What is the reward Erin reaps from working hard here at Tone?

"I never thought id be as fit or as strong as I was pre pregnancy but in the 2.5 months Ive been at Tone I’m actually back to where I was (strength/fitness wise) pre pregnancy and I FEEL a lot better.

I truly can’t believe how quickly my body has changed. Ive already hit goals that I thought id be hitting by Christmas."

The hard work Erin has put in means she is constantly hitting goals, getting stronger and seeing results. No more plateaus in the gym, no more disliking training, there’s really no better way to get fit and reap the benefits:


Of course the environment and community you are part of plays a bit part in who you are and what you achieve in your life. We have fostered and awesome group of girls who just love to train.

They love working out together and chatting as we go, we love to be social and enjoy training together!

“I love training alongside like minded women, we all want to be better versions of ourselves and the encouragement and motivation from the other members is awesome.

We all have a good laugh, train as best as we can and give each other high-fives and congratulate each other on giving our sessions 100%, how cool is that!”

One of the best parts of training is the fact you’re not in it alone. Even if you do a big class at a big gym, they not really there pushing you and cheering you on through the workout.

It is so motivating to have the girl next you say “Go on, you can do it, one more rep” rather than just doing the work next to someone who you haven’t even said ‘Hi’ to.

We all know each other’s name, welcome new girls into our tribe and love to push each other. There is a real sense of community!

The hard work Erin has put in means she is constantly hitting goals, getting stronger and seeing results. No more plateaus in the gym, no more disliking training, there’s really no better way to get fit and reap the benefits:


Is the gym going to provide you with value for money and are you going to get the results you want?

Training at Tone can be super cost effective when you think about it. As Erin mentioned she was training but with ‘no real motivation or direction’ in her training….

Erin was going to a normal gym but not seeing any results, you could say this was a problem because she’s not getting the value that she’s paying for.

However as you’ve already seen, Erin has had massively positive results from coming to Tone Athletica.

Our small group classes provide her with the technique and attention she needs to succeed. Our coaches are advanced and knowledgeable.

“Training at Tone in a normal class is like working with a personal trainer, at a quarter of the cost.

Ellie and Georgia are amazing coaches too, they are very encouraging and their knowledge and expertise are what make their sessions challenging but fun

My body is more mobile and flexible and I don’t have any niggles like I had before, I credit Ellie’s focus on mobility and flexibility in her awesome warm ups!”

If you were to do a Personal training session per week to get the level of attention you get in our class, at $90 per session you’d be paying an arm and a leg per week, compared to $65 per week for unlimited classes at our gym. The value is undeniable because of the real results we see.


Being a personal trainer Erin, knows what styles of training see results and for her the three key aspects of ‘The Tone Triangle’ enable her to accelerate her results in the gym

"Tone appealed to me because of the style of training, I love lifting weights and how it makes you feel not to mention the positive impact it has on your body!



“After a series of empty promises, unused gym memberships and failed attempts at getting fit and healthy, I realized I needed a drastic change in my fitness regime!”

Sophie was one of our first members and has a special place in our heart here at Tone. Like many girls, she found it hard to stick to a typical gym environment – it’s mentally draining and therefor physically unrewarding. With such little support in how to improve her fitness and strength it was time for Sophie to find out how to build her fitness!


There are many reasons we can fail at our fitness attempt, it is really important to find a gym that supports and guides you through the fitness process. As Soph found out, just doing functional style training isn’t always the answer:

“I had dabbled in Cross training briefly in the past, but found the environment particularly male dominating, with workouts consisting of predominantly traditional style Olympic lifting.

As well as being all women, what initially attracted me to Tone Athletica was the Shape class, which includes a combination of strength conditioning, technique and cardio exercises, contributing to a total body workout that feels absolutely amazing!”

Training in a place, which is inspiring, encouraging and moreover wants to see you succeed is very important when trying to reach your fitness goals. Our unique classes are designed for women by women, to get you all the benefits of functional training specifically for your body! Not only has Sophie found strength and endurance but she also looks incredible!

“In just a few months I have noticed changes in my body shape, while also gaining huge improvement in my strength and endurance.”

Sophie has been able to accomplish a list of goals she never thought possible, through skilled coaches who get the best out of her every session. Her hard work and dedication has given her a level of fitness she only dreamed about! Check out this short video to see Sophie in action!

“Elle and the team at Tone Athletica have contributed majorly towards this success.

Their motivation and encouragement has pushed me to achieve things I never though I was capable of, and their knowledge and experience is second to none! T

hey know how to get the most out of each individual, continually scaling workouts and building skills and techniques.”

Now Sophie looks A M A Z I N G but there are also the mental and health aspects a community such as ours enable girls to have. We promote long-term health and vitality. We live and breath our work, we love training, eating the right foods and doing what’s good for our bodies.

“Along with the physical changes, I am finding I am making healthier lifestyle choices and have a renewed energy and focus in my daily life!”


Not only can we change Sophie’s mindset to help her become more focused and energised but we are also now family! Sophie has become a part of our amazing community! We have a group of like minded women who push and support each other through every workout – and not just workouts but our trials and tribulations in everyday life, boyfriends, motherhood, work stress, life stress, we talk it all through (after training of course) and help each other in our daily lives!

“Not only does the fun, friendly and positive atmosphere make it easier to stay motivated, but I actually look forward to workouts and sweating it out with a supportive network of women with similar mindsets and aspirations!”


So, what does it take to be successful in your training? Here are our 4 tips!
1. Find a gym that suits you!
2. Find a gym with a supportive community
3. Find a gym with good coaches
4. Find a gym that you want to return to!

“Its safe to say I have enjoyed every minute, rep, lift, row and run!”

Is it time for you to make the change like Sophie and Erin?

We know our members get amazing results, we change their lives, empower them and create a community that our women love being apart of!


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