Training and nutrition is a way of life where there is a strong encouraging community behind you, helping you to achieve your goals, whatever they might be, to live a happier, healthier life.

Being a female gym we want to empower women to feel good, be strong, fit and healthy, feel great and love your body!

This lifestyle gives you the vitality to do what you want in life and feel fantastic doing it!

Tone Athletica aims to show you a lifestyle, not a diet and exercise program – as these usually lead to failure or continuing dissatisfaction.

Tone exists to challenge the current way women participate in fitness. Our bodies are made to MOVE and be STRONG!

We are challenging the status quo of what it means to be a women and be FIT… That performance based training is superior to ascethtic based training

How good do you really feel?

Do you feel healthy? Fit? Vibrant? Do you have stomach pains, bloating or feel lethargic? Are you tired even when waking up? Out of breathe from one set of stairs?

You shouldn’t be. The body is made to function optimally if you treat and fuel it well.

Tone Athletica promotes good nutrition and utilises methods that are achievable, satisfying and sustainable.

This contributes to a healthy lifestyle which, ultimately, lets you reach your goals of health, fitness and weight loss.

With a “No Woman Left Behind” policy, we encourage growth and success everyday. I love seeing a woman realise what her body is truly capable of and how great she can really feel and how good she can look!

‘We live, we sweat, we lift, we eat well, we love outdoors, we love the beach, we paddle board, yoga, run, swim, we set goals, we work hard, we motivate, inspire, encourage our friends, peers, celebrate their success, console their losses, we are community, we are health, we are fitness, we are Tone – Tone Athletica.”

We (women) really can do anything we set our minds to! That’s why Tone is committed to helping you set your goals and reaching them. With great coaching, information on nutrition and a great community, us girls can achieve greatness.

P.S. Worried about training? Don’t worry we have you covered! We are all about pushing you to your limits within a safe environment and no egos. We have different classes, which cater to all the different goals our girls have!

What exactly is fitness?

functional fitness

It’s obvious to us when we see someone who fit, but how do we actually define fitness?

To be fit, it is not enough to be a master of one area. You may be an amazing endurance athlete and run a marathon, but what about flexibility? Or strength? Or sprints?

Whenever you find yourself say “damn I can’t do that” like “Damn, I cant do a push up” or “Damn, I can’t do this movement””I can’t run this fast”there is a hole in your fitness

Our aim is get rid of this hole.

To do this we:

Have varied workouts which are constantly different to keep your body interested and so you don’t adapt to the workout.

Use strength as a main component to build the foundation for your fitness. Many women miss strength training as they don’t see the benefit, but it is the fastest, most effective way to get fit.

Build intensity as the movement becomes second nature… Some new movements take time for your body to understand and grasp the concepts. But once your body is familiar with the movement you can start moving at speed. This is the part where your heart is pumping, sweat pouring!

Through varied workouts with strength and gymnastics components we are able to build bodies which function correctly, move well, and are very fit…

We use a variations of

-     Strength training
-     Metabolic conditioning
-     Gymnastics strength
-     Weight lifting
-     HIIT/Tabata
-     Cross training

Combined these training types create fitness where no stone is left unturned. You are strong, mobile (flexible), fit, fast and can endure!

We create performance based training. This means our training success is measured by our performance – can we lift 90kg? Maybe not yet, but if we build the right muscle and practise correct technique, we can work up to that weight and achieve that goal.

Another example would be run 400m in under 2 minutes. With metabolic conditioning training and running practise, we can certainly aim and reach this goal.

What happens when we focus on this type of training?

Playing sports becomes easy, you are now athletic and powerful! Your body is fined tuned to function perfectly every day performing at a top level!

Want to know more about how we train at Tone Athletica via our method of Functional Training?

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