Fitted Tee

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Fitted Tee


"The key to consistent exercise and leading an active lifestyle is finding something you enjoy and sticking to it. 

I've found my home and awesome tribe of women to train with at Tone Athletica"

- Andrea Olieric, Tone Tribe Member

Is it time to immerse yourself in our tribe?

Get your Tone Fitted Tee and be part of our Tone Tribe!

See Elle today to try one on - XS, S or M! Free to change if you select the wrong size - pick up from gym ONLY

Don't like Fitted Tees? Check out our Muscle Tee option here...

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Fitted Tee

Our fitted Tee has more coverage than our muscle tee and also sleeves, the lighter grey is a beautiful colour which highlights the teals and blue and the fabric is deliciously comfy!

Again the size is quite large, Georgia is wearing at XS. Purchase your fitted tee above!

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Muscle Tee:

Our muscle tee cut is a favorite among the Tone Tribe, with a high quality AS colour muscle tee combined with gorgeous teal and pink against grey! 

Sizes are a large fit, for example, Georgia is wearing an extra small here. Click here to purchase our muscle tee!

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