Pelvic Health Seminar

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Mox is away! (46)-min.png

Pelvic Health Seminar

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Pelvic Health Seminar

Join us for 2 hours of womanly goodness!

SATURDAY, June 8th 10am, Registration Closes Tuesday 4th June 2pm

LIMITED Spots: 10 tickets available, be quick last time they sold as quickly as you can say "pelvic floor" so sign up today!

We can't wait to help you develop these crucial skills for life!

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If you find you:

- have a 'weak core'
- have an 'unstable pelvis'
- are leaking or have incontinence during training
- can't do double unders, run or high impact exercise due to core stability, incontinence or othewise
- are planning on training and having a baby
- have had a baby and are planning on continuing training
- or just know this is an area that will need your attention sooner than later

This Seminar Is For You!!

Check out our testimonials from our gymnastics seminar: 

β€œI just want to say a BIG thank you to Elle and Georgia for hosting the gymnastics workshop.

It was seriously invaluable and I'm so glad I went! You guys really know your shit and your knowledge really showed through and how you broke down each movement was so beneficial...

I have no doubt my training will now exceed because of it.

I would definitely go again if you did another one (any kind of workshop actually!) and I highly recommend if you get the chance to go!

Thank You!!!!"

- Erin Wai

"Thank you so much for holding this seminar.

I learned so much and had the most wonderful time. I came away feeling strong and informed. I did things i couldn't ever have imagined doing.

Elle and Georgia your knowledge and ability to convey it to your clients is incredible. Please hold my more seminars.

Thanks again"

- Lois Evans

"Could not recommend this enough and if there is another one, I will be first in line.

I think sometimes we are all so caught up on an end goal that we forget to build a solid foundation.

This gymnastics seminar was the building blocks to be able to do more complex movements. It was the building blocks to be strong, flexible and balanced.

Do it!!!!!!"

- Romy Struhler

"Ellie and Georgia play on each others strengths! They're both so knowledgeable on how the body works and how to perfect movements from scratch.

The Gymnastics Seminar was a game changer for me. Learning movements from the bottom up again has really made me think about how I'm doing the movements and not just focusing on completing reps and getting the workouts done.

I can't wait for the next seminar or a follow on gymnastics seminar.

Thank you so much Ellie and Georgia for your time and for passing on your knowledge to us. πŸ™‚"

- Soph Murray

"Thank you so much to Ellie and Georgia for sharing their knowledge at the Gymnastics Seminar! I learned a lot and I’ve made progress that I know will greatly improve my training.

It was an absolutely great experience. Now, not only do I feel much stronger than before, but I know exactly what to work on to improve my skills for the future.

I can’t wait to attend more events soon! πŸ˜„"

- Alyx Selsmyer

"Huge thank you to Elle and Georgia for the gymnastics seminar on the weekend. It was so much fun and I learned so much. I am still amazed that I attended (voluntary) a gymnastics seminar! Who would have thought? I would usually be too embarrassed or scared as I am a beginner.

Thanks to the girls and Tone I have the confidence to be comfortable in where I am.. and know that we can all improve and there are steps for every level.

Most importantly no judgment from the coaches or the amazing girls! It was awesome to watch the more experienced girls learn new things and kick their goals. I am excited to train this week and use the skills I learned on the weekend.

I would recommend everyone attend the next one! Soak up the knowledge and skills our coaches have - we are very lucky to have them! xx"

- Plezi Brennan