Member Eat Fit 21 Day Challenge

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Member Eat Fit 21 Day Challenge

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Special Members Cost: $125 (usually $249)

What’s included:
✅ 21-day nutritional plan, if you’re training like an athlete, it’s time to eat like an athlete, including meal plans, recipes and shopping lists!
✅ Welcome Webinar - including nutrition and mindset, these are your keys to success, if your mind is not on board, you’re not on board
✅ Weekly check in with Elle to monitor and define your progress
✅ Online VIP Facebook and email support group providing you with tons of extra information about training, nutrition, mindset and community

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We are running a 3-week program with a difference!

Our academy is designed to empower you to be strong, love the skin you're in and above all create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that you can actually enjoy!

❌  This is NOT a quick fix body transformation program... We don’t make unrealistic promises

✅  This IS a program that'll get you on track for 2018 to be your happiest, healthiest and fastest year EVER

If you want to stop measuring your self-worth by the number on the scales, and start valuing yourself enough to eat nourishing food and train in a way that creates an amazingly healthy, strong body,