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Female Only Function Fitness

Women require different training protocols, nutritional advice, motivational techniques and exercise intensity than men.

We change women’s lives by providing our unique training created by women, for women covering every aspect to ensure the best training results!

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Community Based Group Training

To reach goals, enjoy training and to achieve overall wellbeing it’s important to be surrounded by a group of like minded women - a tribe if you will…

You don’t need to do this on your own!

Tone’s unique group environment helps inspire and motivate you to be the best you can be!

Personalised Attention & world class coaches

You are different and unique and therefore require personalised attention. No matter the workout, no matter your ability, our coaches cater the sessions to suit your needs and ability.

Our coaches are not fitness instructors and will correct your technique and form to ensure injury prevention

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Body Love Safe Environment

“Fall back in love with your body…”

In a world that profits off your belief that you are not enough,

That you should look this way not that,

We want to reteach you how to love the skin you’re in and use your body to it’s maximal potential!

Easy Onsite Parking, 5 Minutes Walk From Warringah Mall

We have a welcoming, light and open gym created to make you feel inspired in your training and welcomed with tonnes of onsite parking, perfect for Mums!

We are also 5 minutes walk from one of the Northern Beaches major hubs, Warringah Mall and the bus line.

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Accountability & Nutriton

Ever tried to eat healthy on Monday with every intention of reaching your goal only to fall off Tuesday?

Or signed up to a gym only to find yourself on the couch 2 weeks later, never to go again?

ACCOUNTABILITY - having a coach to make sure you do what you say will will is the backbone of our gym!

Creche for Mums

We know working out for Mums can be a challenge but you can be assured your children are well looked after in our intimate creche!

It’s important for us that our client children are safe and happy while our Mum’s train!

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Tone Class Prices

As a new client, you will need to book in for your introductory assessment! In this assessment we cover your training history, any injuries of individualisation for training you will need, nutrition, mindset and accountability!

Once you have done your assessment you will have option to join the group classes, or do personalised private sessions until you feel comfortable joining the groups!

We add massive value, education, support and accountability at a fraction of the cost while still receiving a high level service when you train in our small groups!

Our ongoing memberships provide you with 2 day, 3 day and unlimited sessions per week starting at $45 per week and Flexi, 3, 6 & 12 month agreements, aiming to reward membership who spend a longer time with us so we can help drive you towards your long term goals!

We also offer creche services for an extra $10 per week on our Mums & Bubs membership.

Book Your Introductory Session

We are ready to change you by building an unstoppable mindset, a strong, fit, functional body and make sure you love every second of training, if you are too, start your journey by booking your introductory session below

What if Tone is not for me?

If we don’t blow you away with value, in your Introductory Session, we will refund you the cost of the session!

We believe we provide exponential value to our clients and want you to experience the difference too!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where are you located?

106 Old Pittwater Rd, Bookvale, 5 minute walk from Warringah Mall

2. Is there onsite parking?

Yes, we have lots onsite parking. You will drive 100m down our 106 drive way and see parking in front of you and Tone to your left

3. How many clients per class?

Our maximum class size is 15

4. Will I have my own personal program or just do what the group is doing?

We encourage team training, so we do follow the same program however, our coaches cater the session to suit your ability

5. Will I get close personal attention?

Yes we pride ourselves on teaching women the correct technique and being injury free while training so we keep a close eye on you every class

6. What type of training do we do?

We use a variety of different training methodologies to get the best results for our clients including strength and resistance, gymnastics and body weight strength, metabolic conditioning, HIIT, tabata, mobility, stretching and core

8. What equipment will you have?

We use a variety of equipment, rowers, air bike, ropes, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, deadballs, medballs, boxing, mats, bands etc

9. How much does it cost?

Our membership prices start at $45 per week, and depend on how many sessions per week you decide to do,

10. Will I need an assessment before starting?

Yes, it’s important for us to access your ability and how we can help you before you jump into classes

11. Will I get corrected on my technique?

Yep, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of movement for injury prevention and to help you develop your ability athletically

12. Do you have a creche?

Yes we have creche services at our 9:30am and 4pm classes to look after your littles one’s while you train

13. How much does your creche cost?

Just $10 per week extra on a Mum’s & Bubs membership or $10 per visit