What's The Point Of Weight Training?

Last week our amazing member Jully Andrade came up to me and said what's the point of weight training?

There are so many scientific benefits, but it led us to the following discussion...

Jully said :

'I was thinking about this the other day when I was lifting boxes in my office.

I realised every time I picked up a box I braced my core, I used my legs instead of just my back.

I would never have been lifting boxes this way if I didn't train...”

Now we have an awesome facebook group with all our membership, so Jully then mentioned:

“It got me thinking we should have a week where we post about this.

Photo 5-4-18, 10 49 24 am-min.png

Every time we do something like lifting boxes or kids or use our muscles outside of the gym we can post in the group!"

Well, I thought this was an awesome idea!

I even had the perfect example in the photo below that Eve Blecher sent to me of her carrying a box of coconut water! 👉

This point about why you train can easily be overlooked as it's every day, it's quite mundane and easily taken for granted...

BUT it's probably one of the most important reasons that you do train...

To be able to do things with ease which, quite frankly, most of the population just can't, either by choice or not.

By training this way you are given an opportunity to be in the best possible shape in everyday life,

To say I can easily move furniture or pick up my kids and play with them, to be active and move...

These are things we easily take for granted, you don't realise how important being strong and mobile is until they are taken away!


I'm proud of each and every one of our awesome members for putting in the time and effort to make themselves better every single day,

They work so hard and it’s great to see them transferring their strength and fitness from the gym, to everyday life!

Here are some of their stories - also see photos below:

Sophie Nicole Murray I don’t have a photo of me doing it but Vince and I are currently renovating our apartment and between us we carried 61 boxes of floorboards up 8 flights of stairs to our top floor apartment each box weights 18kgs! I should have recruited you all for a stair session at our place 😝

Jess Jt Ha I only just saw this! But I was at my mums house this morning and the steam oven had to be reset which involves pulling it out from the wall. And i did it! Usually we wait until one of the guys comes home! ... and it also meant i got to eat dumplings for breakfast 😉

Angela Jalali This was my warm up before 9.30am class, school run piggy back up the hill with 16kg Orlando who sometimes is "too tired" to walk, or he just enjoys extra cuddles or mummy just makes it a fun bumpy ride!! Hehe

Erin Wait Love this post! I always feel like a bad ass when someone says to me "be careful, thats really heavy!' and I just look at them with a little smirk and pick something up with ease! Honestly, this happens ALL the time and I love it hahaha

Sophie Nicole Murray Haha Erin! This is my fav! I’m never sure what to say.. ‘I do crossfit, I can lift 115kgs this 18kg box is a walk in the park’ hahaha also don’t want to offend them.

Ellie Welsman This is me carrying all the groceries to the car - I look really unhappy but really I’m just being blinded by the sun 🤣

Jully Andrade I’m loving all the posts here!! I’ll be posting a photo when required to to lift something or better... I’ll take it from a male colleague 😘

Andrea Oliéric Don’t have a photo but this morning several boxes of text books arrived and needed to be distributed to my team of teachers. My colleagues are all mature ladies and couldn’t carry their boxes of text books themselves. SO, I carried and delivered all 12 boxes of text books around the school to each classroom. Nobody could believe someone “my size” could lift a box of 20 text books let alone carry them around the school 💪🏼

Angela Jalali Just wanted to add to this feed about how proud I am of my girl Jully Andrade for using her lifting skills to take out this heavy box of recycling from our girls weekend!! 💪💪🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾👏👏 BRAVO Jully!!!

Bridget Schultz When I was in Thailand a group of about 15 of us had to pull ourselves up onto a longtail boat as it bobbed around as there was no ladder or anything. Everyone else was struggling and having to help each other. I managed to use my newfound muscles to get myself up without any assistance. A Dutch tourist laughed “tough Aussie girl doesn’t need any help”. I always hated having to be like can someone help- now I feel more independent

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