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women training

“I want to slim down, detox, be a health goddess and get a thigh gap…”

Is this what majority of women are thinking?

Is this really what women want in their lives? 

Is being thinner, subscribing to juice cleanses and going for a 'yog' all that the fitness industry has to offer women?

If you are NOT one of these ladies,

Thank God!

If you are active, goals orientated and pushing yourself all year round, you know the truth…

This type of talk is just crap

It’s short minded and not realistic

It’s vague and uninspired

Yes, you heard me, I’ll never be able to fathom why women are pushing to obtain these goals, which most of the time, they do not end up achieving

And when they do, feel empty anyway

If you’ve ever proceeded to push yourself in health and wellness you’ll know

You need a program that lasts you, year after year

Delivering you continually better fitness and strength.

Continually upgrading your knowledge and your health

A community, which inspires and educates, constantly motivates you all year round,

Because at the end of the day, there are no continual results when you make once off plans….

Being fit is hard work

It takes patience and persistence

You need to be prepared and consistent.

You need to find a dedicated team to keep you accountable and coach you through your fitness journey…

You need real tangible goals,

If you are a woman that knows the value of training and functional fitness,

To give you an edge in your training and develop some functional fitness knowledge...

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