The Best Beauty Product Is Eating Well!

They say you are what you eat.

The first aspect of eating well for your beauty that you have to understand is that when you eat food, that food is broken down for it’s nutritional value. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids form the building blocks of all the cells in your body.


Many of the cells in your body will be replaced numerous times throughout your life and new cells are formed by those exact nutrients that we eat (or that we don’t). So you literally are what you eat. If you eat healthy nutrient dense foods, you will have healthy cells being produced. If you eat crap you are literally using that crap to create your new cells.

So let us look at practical examples of how this affects our beauty:

Problem: Eating dirty can have significant effects on our health, therefore, our beauty

Get beautiful teeth, skin, hair, and nails!

Dermatologists and nutritionists agree that eating a balanced diet high in nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants does wonders for your skin, nails, teeth and hair! Your skin is your biggest and most obvious organ that requires lots of nutrients to maintain.

Eating lots of vegetables especially green vegetables and even seaweed supports your skin, hair, nails and teeth’s’ need to grow healthy strong and vibrant.

Cutting out processed and sugary foods can also have a major impact especially on your teeth and skin – we all know that sugar can rot our teeth and due to the spike in blood sugar when consumed, some dermatologist believe can be a precursor to acne.

Also, foods filled with antioxidants such as berries can keep you looking younger for longer. Protein is also vital as your skin needs collagen to remain looking younger and if you don’t provide your skin with adequate protein it does not have the resources to regenerate.

So overall a balanced diet with a focus on eliminating processed and sugary foods is essential for radiant skin, nails, teeth and hair!

Beauty on the inside shines through!

Beauty is not only found in the physical but also from within. Your mental well-being plays a huge part in feeling beautiful. Your body interacts with itself through a series of chemical messages, which are balanced by sufficient nutrients and enzymes. To function properly you therefore need to be fuelling your body with foods, which help facilitate these communications.

Unfortunately, the diet of many cultures (i.e western diet) does not support this balance.

If your diet is not effective in giving your body what it needs to communicate, crazy highs followed by epic lows and out of control mood swings are likely to occur. Your mental wellbeing is unstable.

It is also prudent to note that nutrient dense food helps you produce happy hormones such as serotonin which creates a positive, feel-good you. Your mind is stable, you feel good and have a boost in your moods, therefore, feel beautiful! Wins everywhere!

Beautiful you, beautiful sex drive.

Interestingly eating well can also boost your sex drive. This has been attributed to all the nutrient-dense foods, which give you lots of energy and clarity in your life. Basically, you don’t get to the end of the day and crash and burn eating well, you’ve got the stamina to go attend to your partner at night! Woo hoo!

Being confident and comfortable in your body is beauty!

When you eat well, you do see a physical change to your body. This doesn’t mean you are striving to be supermodel skinny or the next Beyoncé, you are simply giving your body the best nutrition for it to feel and look amazing.

When you do this, even if there is not a major change in your body you feel more comfortable in your body and happier because you are doing something so great for yourself and your greatest asset.

Remember what we eat affects all of our body. How it looks, your mind and your confidence. If you had a Ferrari you wouldn’t fuel it with anything less than the best fuel right? So why fuel your body with anything less than the best?

Maybe I should rephrase that in girl terms.

If you buy some Louis Vuitton bag your not going to look after them the same way as a bag from Target are you?  You would take care of it, clean it and make sure you preserve it well, show it off and love it! So why treat your body any different?