What Exactly is Functional Fitness

I feel this definition gets thrown around a lot these days, but at the core it simply means training that is functional to whatever life throws at you.

Functional movement refers to movements we use every day which are the most efficient for our body. Movements that our body is naturally able to perform.

Can you move, lift, bound and swing your way through the challenges life throws at you? 

Your body is made to move, just look at children, they run, jump, climb, scamper, squat, throw and pull every single day. 

Can you imagine going to a playground and just playing?

The problem for many of us is, as we get older, we lose our natural movement as we stop moving throughout schooling and work.

For example, sitting in a chair all day tightens your hip flexors so you begin to struggle to squat. In contrast, watch young children do a perfect squat. They will pick objects off the floor this way all the time.

Functional fitness gives you the ability to create a body that is aligned to movement...

You are able to use various upper and lower body muscles at the same time to move, create power and strength, agility and balance, everything you need to function as a human being!


Our training system can be described as a training style or system. 

There are 10 elements combined together to measure your fitness and to see if someone is ‘fit’. These are:

  • Strength

  • Speed

  • Power

  • Cardiovascular endurance

  • Stamina

  • Balance

  • Flexibility

  • Agility

  • Co-ordination

  • Accuracy

Depending on how competent you are in these areas will determine your level of fitness.

If for example you are very efficient at running but have no strength or flexibility, you have a hole in your fitness you should work on.

So how does this idea translate?

You may have a marathon runner. They are very fit - yes, in endurance and stamina. But how do they stack up against a weightlifter? They may not even be able to lift the bar over their head.

The weightlifter, on the other hand, has speed, power and strength, among other elements of fitness, but would probably battle to run 100m let alone 42km.

These are athletes who have worked on the fitness elements required to perform their sport at elite levels.

Fitness for the general public, however, should take a different approach. The point of our training is not to be sports specific. The aim is to build your overall fitness in every area, leaving no stone unturned.

So you should be able to lift heavy weights and be able to run a marathon. Maybe not as well as the weightlifter or marathon runner but still well.

To do this we:

-     Have varied workouts which are constantly different to keep your body interested and so you don’t adapt to the workout.

-     Use strength as the main component to build the foundation for your fitness. Many women miss strength training as they don’t see the benefit, but it is the fastest, most effective way to get fit.

-     Build intensity as the movement becomes second nature… Some new movements take time for your body to understand and grasp the concepts. But once your body is familiar with the movement you can start moving at speed. This is the part where your heart is pumping, sweat pouring!

Through varied workouts with strength and gymnastics components, we are able to build bodies which function correctly, move well, and are very fit…

We use variations of

-     Strength training

-     Metabolic conditioning

-     Gymnastics strength

-     Weightlifting

-     HIIT/Tabata

-     Cross Training

Combined these training types create fitness where no stone is left unturned. You are strong, mobile (flexible), fit, fast and can endure!


Well depends on who you are.

For the general public, being fitter and working on all aspect of fitness brings a person into a state of wellness and then fitness.

Our gym focuses on helping the everyday woman reach a high state of health and fitness, in a very short time frame.

So if you want to get fit, build your athleticism, lose weight and increase your overall wellness then our system is a fantastic way to do so.

All of the workouts are measurable so you will see the results as you progress.


You could sit here and read about our methodologies for training all day and try to get a grasp for it.

But the best way to find if you love it or hate it is to actually do it!

Like learning to ride a bike, you could spend all day learning the theory of balance, velocity, peddling, the mechanics of the movement but without actually trying to experience riding a bike there is no point.


There are a few crucial elements we value in training. Now you know our systems, it’s time to learn what we value and how this can change your life.


To be successful in any area of life you must be consistently putting in the effort to achieve that goal. This consistency creates habits and habits create success


Being honest with yourself about what you can and can’t do and what you need to do to get better… Leave your ego at the door and focus on improving yourself one step at a time


You have to want to get better! Why are you training? What drives you to get up early and sweat it out? The better you understand the why the easier it becomes to stay determined towards your goals


You are your community… The people you hang around with, create the person you are today. If you want to fit and healthy, hang around with inspiring fit and healthy people.


Love yourself enough to be fit and healthy. Know that you are worth the best coaching, the most nutritious food, and the strongest muscles. You are beautiful, fit, strong and healthy.