How Much Is Your Boring Fitness Regime Costing You?

You’re fit, you love training and training hard, sweat pouring, heart pumping – but lately your routine has been a bit… stale, even boring?

You’ve plateaued and you’re not quite sure what to do about it.

You’re training almost every day, but not seeing the results you seek. Your fitness is stagnant and you’re not getting stronger, faster or fitter.

female fitness

It sucks.

Honestly why are you putting in all this effort just to see nothing in return? Something has got to change.

I feel you. It’s not easy being stuck in a fitness rut – it begs the question why are you stuck there?


It’s time to expand your knowledge of training, learn new skills and movements which you can continually expand on.

Imagine learning how to train so you never get bored and continually see results.

A training methodology which can help you continually improve in all areas of your health and fitness!

When Emma came to Tone Athletica, she was fit, but she was also stuck in a routine, which wasn’t helping her reach her athletic potential.

“When I was at my previous gym I lost a lot of motivation to go because I was working out by myself and didn’t have all the knowledge on what training I should be doing for toning and strength.

I HATED trying to think of what to do next at the gym.I was going to get a PT once a week and when I found out how much that would cost for 45mins I just couldn’t justify spending the money. So I decided to look up a boutique gym

What motivated me to come in and try Tone was that firstly it was an all women’s gym woo, so no feeling intimidated by big muscly men hahaha!

Also, that in the class, everyone was doing the same workout AND that I didn’t have to go in everyday and think of what to do at the gym, its like I have a Personal Trainer.

Most of all I just wanted to build up my fitness and strength and have fun with it at the same time and after reading all the case studies and blogs etc on your website I could tell Tone Athletica was the place to be”

- Emma Wakeling

women training

Is it time for you like Emma to crack your fitness plateau and see what you are capable of? 

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