Why I Created Tone Athletica - Elle's Mission

Tone Athletica’s Mission and Beliefs

Tone Athletica exists to challenge the current way women participate in fitness.

Our bodies are made to move and be strong!

We are challenging the status quo of what it means to be a woman and be fit… That performance-based training is superior to aesthetic based training

Let me explain:

I used to train to be skinny… I wanted to lose as much weight as possible and be like the women in the magazines…

But I was never happy, I was constantly worrying about looking good and what the weight on the scales said rather than enjoying life

My savior was performance based training. I found the more I strived to hit goals and perform, the more I enjoyed training, the more I got real results!

I moved from worrying about what I look like, to striving to hit new personal bests and loving the process along the way

Now, I'm not saying you don't have to concern yourself with what you look like. Everyone wants to 'look good', but there is a very big difference between just looking good and feeling good too...

For me striving to 'look good' led me to hating my body and never achieving the goals I wanted.

Focusing on feeling good not only made me feel amazing but I also looked good too.

After starting performance based training, my confidence and self-belief soared!

So I decided I couldn’t keep this secret all to myself...

I wanted to share my experience with other women and help them reach the same happiness I have.

Creating Tone Athletica, my mission is to teach women how to move away from the constant self-doubt, continuously beating yourself up for how you look and move towards self-love and being proud of what you can achieve.

This type of mindset is infectious and vibrates through all areas of your life!

“It is a shame for a woman to grow old and never realize what her body is truly capable of”

You are capable of so much more than you realise and Tone has been created to take your fitness and strength to the next level – body and mind!

I’ve written many blogs on this topic as it really was a transformative time in my life

I think these explain it best:






Enjoy reading these blogs,

Elle Belle xx