Creating Body Confidence Through Strength Training

Why is creating body confidence through strength training important to you?

Well because today’s day and age demands you to be ‘perfect’

But what is perfect?

Perfect is what we as a society have defined as perfect –

The heroine chic look glorified by the modeling industry neither helps the majority of women feel confident or is a realistic expectation of what every single woman should look like.

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Studies have shown that 90% of women have had body confidence issues in their lifetime and the majority will feel insecure, unhappy and have low self-esteem because of low body confidence.

Not to mention the myriad of eating disorders and body dysmorphia we see in todays society in girls who haven’t even hit puberty yet!

So how to do you go against the grain and learn to be happy with your body and yourself?

One answer that many women are turning to is Strength Training

4 ways strength training is changing body image perception in women:

1. Strength training breaks away from what society demands of women –

The beauty and fashion industry are among some of the most influential industries in the world.

They encourage women to stop nourishing and moving their bodies so that they are skinnier and smaller than ever.

Of course, this is going to drag down your confidence. You don’t need society to tell you how to look to feel good.

Real confidence and self-love come from within.

It’s the feats that women are achieving in the gym which are against what society demands of them (literally to be skinny) that creates confidence in women.

2. Strength training that creates confidence within women. 

Lifting weights, and therefore improving your running, jumping, gymnastics are all challenging but extremely rewarding.

It allows women to see their improvements which increases their confidence which makes them happy.

3. Strength training teaches you how to move properly and be strong. 

With an increase in women getting stronger and not just ‘going for a run’ we are seeing how able women are in the gym.

Lift, jump, climb, do things that challenge you and challenge what society demands of you,

Why spend your whole life looking in the mirror and hating what you see?

What’s the point?

Why not love what you see and be proud of what you can achieve?

4. Strength training creates a community of women. 

These women workout beside you and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. It's the community and love of each other which sees you perform at your best!

Move away from what society demands of you and do what your body, your health and your mind demand of you to be fulfilled, self-confident and ultimately happy!

Time to jump on the path the self-confidence and positive body image through strength training?

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