5 Loving Tips To Easily Boost Your Self-Confidence

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It's never easy to love ourselves...

I think most women struggle with loving their body

All the time I hear women complaining about how their figure is not where they want it to be...

I feel their struggle!

It took me years of progress to finally love and be happy in my own skin

I was too broad, too short and I felt I was never going to fit into society's standards of beauty...

Never going to be beautiful...

And that hurt

In a society where "normal" and "beautiful" is the tanned, skinny, photoshopped Instagram models and their countless flawless posts

Where we are all trying to validate ourselves by achieving these looks,

Even through these standards are so far away from what your actual average, everyday woman is

and truthfully when you remove all that photoshopped glory these "Instagram" models are exactly like you and me

Of course, my self-esteem was hurt, as is yours

While the media portrays more beauty types nowadays, it's still a massive issue in most peoples lives

I have, however, found progress in finally loving and being kind to myself

"Comparison is the thief of joy" said Theodore Rosevelt and I believe it to be true

One of the major changes I made was to stop comparing myself to others and start focusing on what my body could do

What I was physically and mentally capable of as my own person...

It is a long and hard road, and some days I still have negative thoughts


I am no longer a slave to my self-doubt

I no longer agonize about what people think of me

And it's a massive win...

How can you change your perception from hatred to loving your own body? Check out my;

5 loving tips to easily boost your self-confidence

1) Figure out what makes you happy and do it! 

What makes you buzz or itch? What do you have a passion for or get excited about? Figure it out, do it and enjoy it! Whether it's having wines with the girls, spending time with your dog or reading a good book, make time for the things you love!

2) Impose discipline over yourself in some way

This may sound a bit strange, but imposing discipline on yourself to achieve a goal even if it means forgoing something you'd rather do is really uplifting. for example, if you say you are going to quit sugar for a week. Even if it's just that week, it is really rewarding when you achieve a goal like this and can be proud that you did.

3) Eat well and train (don't go on a diet and exercise)

Sounds a bit cliche but continual improvement in your health through training and eating nutritious foods creates body confidence. For example, studies have shown that women who do weights feel much more slender after training even if they haven't lost any weight. Sometimes how we treat ourselves if all because of our perception and if we can change that perception we can be kinder to ourselves...

The long-term physical and mental benefits of exercise are extra cherries on top! Driving yourself to 'diet' and do a 28-day bikini blitz may have been great for the short term, but many people fall into yo-yo dieting and exercising. Being consistent yields the best results. 

4) Stop comparing yourself

Get off Instagram and facebook and stop comparing yourself to other people. It can be quite a hard habit to kick... But you will be much happier when you aren't constantly berating yourself for not looking a certain way.

5) Stop bad mouthing yourself

We all have those negative voices in our head, and when we say out loud what we are thinking we can really cement them in our mind. If you are constantly complaining about your weight to your friends, for example, "OMG I'M SOOO FATTTT" it may seem innocent enough as they laugh it off and tell you you're fine, but subconsciously this type of talk can mess with your head.

Instead of making it about you, compliment your friends :) they'll start to return the favor too! 

You are what you say, if you really want to help yourself, you'll reframe from expressing yourself negatively and focus on the positive.

Time to get your priorities straight?

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