Meet Elle Belle

Elle is head coach and owner of Tone Athletica

"I was training at quite a high level and realised there were many women who were interested in training but didn't have the means to do it.

I also realised many women were self conscious and focused on weight loss. While I get everyone wants to look good, this type of focus does not yield long term results.

If I could get women to focus more on their health and well being rather than how they look, I knew it would have a powerful impact on their life, just as it had mine"

"Everything I do aims to create change in women’s minds on what they are capable of.

Not only in their fitness, but in their lives. 

I want them to discover the amount of strength and power within them and exactly how far they can go.

I want to help them change their mindset so they don’t loathe their body like I did.

Why the hell is this my goal?

Because I started in a place where I was constantly controlled by what others thought of my body.

I was constantly focused on losing weight to be skinny.

I was constantly focused on training to cut inches.

I wasn’t training for myself.

I wasn't working out to improve.

And I wasn’t reaching my potential.

Until I started functional training

I learnt how to be strong by lifting weights, practising gymnastics and working out hard.

My body was changing, I was building muscle, I was getting leaner and I felt so damn good!

I stopped caring what people thought of my body or if they judged me.

I realised I love to train the way I do and I wasn’t willing to give that up for anyone’s misguided opinion.

If people were going to judge my body, it didn’t matter as long as I loved myself.

I loved my body because I loved what it was capable of; I started to love what I was capable of.

How many women can say they are able to lift 90kg over their head, do 100 burpees in 4.49minutes of string together 30 pull ups?

My confidence soared, I was comfortable for the first time in my body.

I wasn’t worried about my cellulite as I went to the beach or my stretch marks.

And although this wasn’t an overnight process, the changes in my body and mind have been nothing but positive.

They’ve set me free and allowed me to succeed in more than just fitness.

They’ve taught me we are much more capable when we love ourselves and strive for growth above all else.

So what do I do now?

I provide women with an environment and community which aims for results based performance by coaching in small group classes to push and motivate.

We have a women’s stronghold providing Functional Fitness for Women,

We have Tone Atheltica.

Is it time you worked to become extraordinary at fitness?

Write to Elle to change your life today!