If you have:
- Lazy glutes or hamstrings (i.e the back of your legs aren't working), 
- Find your are mainly sore in your quads and never your butt, or
- Have lower back pain doing deadlifts, you need to look at your technique asap! 

Watch my video now to gain an understanding of how to deadlift properly! 

It's time to go through 3 main pointers your deadlift is missing to INCREASE your strength, REDUCE injury and DEVELOP that peachy behind you’ve been looking for...

I see these 3 points being MISSED all the time by trainers and it’s really a disservice to all the girls out there training…

Deadlifts are one of my FAVOURITE exercise because they are so technical

It's not just picking the bar up and down but a whole range of small technical movements which target predominantly your HAMSTRINGS and BUTT but also your ABS and upper BACK! 

Think that was good? What if you could learn with a coach in real life! 

We're interested in helping women who want to get better and weightlifting and improve their strength!

If this is you, it's time to take the plunge and get coached by women who have exceeded in not only their own phyical fitness but all those they coach!


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