If you have:
- Lazy glutes or hamstrings (i.e the back of your legs aren't working), 
- Find your are mainly sore in your quads and never your butt, or
- Have lower back pain doing deadlifts, you need to look at your technique asap! 

There are 3 main pointers your deadlift is missing to INCREASE your strength, REDUCE injury and DEVELOP that peachy behind you’ve been looking for...

I see these 3 points being MISSED all the time by trainers and it’s really a disservice to all the girls out there training…

Deadlifts are one of my FAVOURITE exercise because they are so technical

It's not just picking the bar up and down but a whole range of small technical movements which target predominantly your HAMSTRINGS and BUTT but also your ABS and upper BACK! 

3 Crucial Pointers That Make, Not Break, Your Deadlift!

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3 Crucial Pointers that make, not break, your Deadlift. 

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