Hey Girls!

Welcome to 6 weeks of amazing nutrition and healthy eating!

Our aim is to teach you sustainable long term healthy eating habits which build your self confidence and leave you feeling amazing! 

We want you to love your body enough to nourish it properly and give you the tools to do just that! 

From here please download all the recipes, food plans, shopping lists and nutritional information for the next 3 weeks.

Below is our nutritional seminar video.

Please watch for mindset, meal prep and nutrition tips!

Welcome To The Challenge!

Welcome to our 6 Week Challenge!

We all have a story, a reason behind what motivated us to take action and take the steps forward to more vitality, health and fitness!

We want you to have all those things so you can have a long, healthy happy life!

So please listen and read carefully to all our instructions so we can best help you get there!

Prepare Your Mind, Win The Day

Mindset is Everything…

It will dictate almost every aspect of you life. To succeed, we need to also address your mindset around food, and training.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” - Henry Ford

It’s imperative you move towards a “I can” mindset.

If not, you will fall to the level or your excuses.

So every time you have an excuse, catch yourself, reframe, and change that belief…

Nutritional and accountability webinar

Nutrition is by far one of the hardest, most complex areas to coach people in.

But there are some things which cannot be disputed

  1. We don’t eat enough fibre from plants - especially fruits and vegetables

  2. Processed foods are extremely harmful. Remember the longer the self life the shorter yours

  3. Whole foods are considered the best for you. If it had a life or has been alive, you should eat it!

Please read the guides for in depth details

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